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The Captain and Her Sea Turtle

Getting to enjoy the beautiful nature that Hilton Head Island has to offer and share it with others is a dream of Captain Megan's, but last week she got to experience another DREAM COME TRUE! When taking a morning walk on the beach, Captain Megan noticed something odd in the distance. There were birds flocking to an area that looked marked off. Thinking it could be a Sea Turtle nest, she quickly approached. 

sea turtle nest predator.jpg

It looked like the Sea Turtle Nest had been attacked by a predator!

Luckily, Captain Megan had the emergency number for the sea turtles located nearby. Within minutes of calling, help had arrived for the nest. What a relief! The rescue team believed it could have been an armadillo that ate the eggs.

Please don't handle the turtles unless instructed by a rescue team.

Please don't handle the turtles unless instructed by a rescue team.

Although some were lost, the rescue team was able to cover the remaining eggs and take some to safety, except for one...

There was one little one recovered from the nest who the team decided may be able to make the trip to the sea! You can see the video here! Captain Megan was lucky to be able to assist the rescue team in collecting the remaining eggs and getting them to safety. While living on the Island for more than 10 years, Captain Megan has never had the opportunity to see a nest of live Sea Turtles, or the babies make their way to the Sea! Despite the situation being grim at first, things turned around and it was a special morning! Thank you to the rescue team and remember you can also keep the Sea Turtles Safe! Please remember, Lights Out Hilton Head lasts through October!

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