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First Mate Training


Please read the Training Information and Requirements prior to submitting an application. Questions can be emailed to the First Mate Program Director. Thank you and we look forward to having you on board as a First Mate!

Applicant Name *
Applicant Name
At time of training
Birth Date
Birth Date
Guardian/Parent Name *
Guardian/Parent Name
Please list parent/guardian that will be accompanying the trainee during sign in. Valid drivers license required for sign in and pick up.
Parent/Guardian Phone *
Parent/Guardian Phone
Please have the applicant answer.
Training Information Agreement: My checking, I agree that I have read Island Time Charters First Mate Training Information and Requirements and as the parent/guardian of the applicant acknowledges, understands, and agrees to follow through and uphold the information set forth in the First Mate Training Information. *

*We are able to provide reasonable accommodations within ADA guidelines to applicants accepted, please inquire in comment section.