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Your Day, Your Way

We started our company because we know just how very valuable your time with family and friends can be. In honor of your valuable time, we dedicate our service to you, allowing the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends and still be able to enjoy Hilton Head Island from the water. The area has so much to offer but much of it can only be experienced on the water and we believe that the intimacy of a private charter is much preferred over the group settings of other opportunities offered to the general public who buy a ticket and can only travel when the boat company says you can. Or, you could rent a boat, but with the tides, unfamiliar waters, and sandbars, a group is taking a true risk to be on the water without a knowledgeable person who can not only traverse the back waterways but provide you the fun, safety and personal service that Island Time Charters is known for at Hilton Head. Thus, please join us the next time you come to Hilton Head, or if you live here, come out and see how we are serious about customer service and providing you with great Island Time memories.